2017 New Year Bundle

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017! It's time for us to rev our resolution engines and make this the best year of our lives! I mean, that's the ultimate goal, right? To create real, lasting CHANGE. It's entirely possible. Especially with the help of this first-ever New Year Bundle, designed especially by Rachael Meddows, with each and everyone of you in mind! Now.. sit back, relax, and let the power of your subconscious mind take the wheel.

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With all of our programs, we encourage our listeners to listen to each of the following programs in this bundle for 21 consecutive days. The affirmation track can be listened to while driving a vehicle, or going on a jog for example. The self-hypnosis programs should be listened to while sitting comfortably in a chair or on the couch, laying in bed or on a yoga mat if you choose. Naturally you may fall asleep while listening, so it's important you're in a position that comforts your body and eases your mind.

This program includes the following audio tracks:

Track 1 - Introduction: This is handy for those of you who are new to self-hypnosis, and a good refresh for the more experienced listeners.

Track 2 - Feel Sexy & Desirable (Guided Meditation/Affirmations)

Track 3 - Train Your Brain to Become a Morning Person (Self-Hypnosis)

Track 4 - Open Yourself To Love (Self-Hypnosis)

Track 5 - Control Cravings & Emotional Eating (Self-Hypnosis)

Track 6 - Unlimited Financial Success (Self-Hypnosis)


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