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Archive for June 2015

What is Great Sex?

Most everyone wants great sex. But what is it? Spoiler alert: You can ignore most of what you’ve heard. There is a lot of advice out there, and some good books about how to have better sex. But the truth is that most of the sex in movies, porn and in magazines articles is not…

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What is Astral Projection?

Astral projection is an experience that is labeled as an out of body experience. Those in the scientific community discredit these experiences as being nothing more than hallucinations or dreams, but for those who have had the experience, it is quite real. Astral projection is described as a person’s consciousness leaving his or her physical…

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Top 4 Common Juicing Mistakes

Not Drinking Juice On An Empty Stomach – Fresh juice should only be consumed on an empty stomach. The whole point of drinking juice is diminished if you don’t, and can end up giving you digestive issues. Drinking juice on an empty stomach allows the vitamins and minerals in the juice to go straight to your…

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