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Archive for July 2017

Flotation Therapy.. Let’s talk about it!

  After my first session I honestly thought it was magic. It was astonishing how short a time it took for very wonderful things to begin happening. Not only was my overall sense of wellbeing heightened immediately (continuing days after the float), but my sleep cycle effortlessly rebooted. I haven’t given up meditation, yoga, or…

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Is The Key to Weight Loss in Your Mind?

  The problem is the way the body deals with so called ‘dieting.’ Motivational Hypnotherapy can provide a totally different way of dealing with weight loss. By delving deep into your subconscious, it helps to find out the reason for your unhealthy eating habits. Struggling to lose weight is an on-going fight for many people;…

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Affirmations for Deep Relaxation

  Affirmations can be a powerful tool to help you change your mood, state of mind, and manifest the change you desire in your life.   I am fully relaxed.. I am letting go.. I release into relaxation.. My muscles are warm and loose.. I am completely comfortable in this moment.. Peace and calm flow…

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