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5 Ways To Help Yourself Heal From Heartbreak

It's a wonderful thing to fall in love, isn’t it?

IN FACT.. falling in love is one of the most blissful times in life, but falling out of love and experiencing a break-up can be excruciating. With half of marriages ending in divorce these days, there sure is a lot of heartbreak around. If you are suffering from a broken heart either from a relationship or some sort of loss.. consider these 5 tips to help yourself heal from such:


  1. Face the pain directly. A broken heart hurts; there’s no getting around that. To heal a broken heart, the first thing to do is to go through it and allow yourself to grieve. Tackle the pain head on and feel what you have to feel. In time you will be able to process it and let it go little by little.
  2. Become more interested in yourself. Many people who have a broken heart jump right into another relationship or do something to fill the void, but to heal your heart, spend some time with yourself. Do some things that make you happy. Hang out with some friends, volunteer somewhere, and simply do things that make you feel good. You don’t need anyone else or anything else in order to be happy.
  3. Write down your strengths. When sadness from a broken heart is present, it is sometimes difficult to feel good about yourself. Make a list of all of your strengths and put that list in a place that you will see each day. This will help you feel better and you will be less likely to allow negative thoughts to control your mind.
  4. Turn your attention elsewhere. When sadness comes, it might help to turn your attention somewhere else so that you are not consumed with your grief. Call a friend or go out for coffee with someone who would love your company. Volunteer somewhere that needs help. Start that hobby or project that you’ve been putting off. Try to get your mind off of the painful situation.
  5. Cry if you need to. Crying can help release some of the grief and stress. If you feel like crying, go ahead. Have yourself a few good cries if you need to. Allow yourself to feel the grief and sadness for now. Over time, you will begin to feel better. Remember that time does heal wounds and it can heal a broken heart as well. Give yourself permission to grieve for now and know that it will get better in time as you continue to take care of yourself.


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