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How the Law of Attraction Works

The law of attraction is often described as a universal truth that applies to all people. The basis of this law is that like attracts like, and that each person is responsible for creating his or her own reality. While there are plenty of skeptics out there, there are just as many more that strongly believe in the entire process.


The law of attraction works with the assumption that we have the power to fill our lives with the things we do and don’t want through the power of attraction. This power, which is controlled by emotions and thoughts, allows us to have the things we have, and presents us from those that we want. There are three essential steps in the process, all of which are aimed at changing your beliefs so that you can attract the positive things you want in your life.


The first step is to ask yourself what it is you really want. If you never develop a clear understanding of what you actually want in and of your life, there is no way that the power of attraction and the universe can make those things happen.


The next step in the power of attraction is to believe that you can have the things you want in your life. There is no room for doubts here, you have to know within yourself that you will attract the things you want. You cannot even entertain the idea of failure, as this will ensure that what you want doesn’t happen.


The final step is to act. Opportunities do not wait around for you to make a decision. If the opportunity comes along to help you get what you want, jump at it. Failing to accept these gifts from the universe is the number one reason for the law of attraction failing for many people.





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