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Back to School – Test Anxiety & Hypnosis

Hypnosis is becoming a much more accepted form of treatment for a variety of problems areas. One area in which this process has shown great potential is in dealing with test anxiety. Many students struggle with the testing process, and in many cases, the anxiety alone can lead to failure. Incorporating self-hypnosis into your studying and testing routines can make a big difference, and help you overcome your anxiety so you can perform better.

A wide range of students, including those who excel in their classes, experiences test anxiety. Those who deal with this problem may study to the point that they are completely confident that they know the material, even to the point of answering all of the questions correctly during their study periods. However, when the time comes for the test, all of the information seems to disappear. This is a significant issue for many students, and hypnosis can be an effective tool.

Self-hypnosis requires a quiet, disturbance free area. To get started, lie down and let your mind and body relax. It often helps to picture the stress and tenseness leaving your body, starting at your toes and working to the top of your head. Once you feel completely relaxed, picture yourself taking the upcoming test. Make sure to focus on attacking each question with confidence, safe in the knowledge that you really do know the answers. Once you have created this image, make sure to add in the normal sounds, sights, and smells that you normally experience. Repeat confidence inspiring words or phrases during the process.

When you feel completely confident in your test taking abilities, slowly bring yourself back to awareness. When it’s time to take the test, make sure to think about your hypnosis, and experience the calm and confidence you felt during the process to help yourself relax and focus.

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