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Self-Hypnosis for Stress Relief

Self-hypnosis is exactly what it sounds like: the act of putting yourself into a hypnotic, trance state.

While Hypnotherapists are trained in putting people into trances and helping them through emotional trauma and other areas, you can induce a trance state in yourself to deal with daily stress. Instead of taking a nap when you get home from work, which could just lead to fitful sleep and bad dreams, why not commit some time to meditation or self-hypnosis.

You may fall asleep in your hypnotic state. Don’t worry if you do, as you’re sure to sleep more soundly and peacefully than if you were to just lie down and try to go directly to sleep with all your stressors still on your mind. If – rather than smoking a cigarette, getting a drink, or just trying to take a nap – you go sit in a comfortable chair in a room where you can ensure that you won’t be disturbed, you can put yourself in a better state of mind in just thirty minutes to an hour.

You can turn the lights off or leave them on, and you can put on some soothing music. If you do put on music, it’s recommended that you don’t use music with lyrics. Our ears are evolved to tune in to the human voice, and all you want to focus on right now is your journey. There are a lot of different ways you can take your journey, stories that you can walk yourself through. You could float on a still pond or walk at the bottom of a lake. You could imagine every breath you take in as cleansing, pure, and fresh, and that every breath you expel is also expelling all of the stress and toxic thoughts.

Whatever your hypnotic journey, make sure that you focus entirely on it. Let your stress evaporate, and give yourself up to your trance. When you open your eyes again, you’ll feel rejuvenated and de-stressed.

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