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The Truth about Lucid Dreaming


What if you could control your dreams? Where would you go? What would you do?

The ability to realize that you're in a dream and then use that recognition to control your experience is called lucid dreaming. Some people say that it's separate, but when you use hypnosis for lucid dreaming, you create the ability to actually control your dreams.

Lucid dreaming occurs during REM sleep, when your body is deeply relaxed. Hypnosis works to deeply relax your body and mind so that you're open to suggestions of dream control. It works with you to improve your focus and attention to detail so that you're more in tune with your dreams and what's going on when you're in them.

With lucid dreaming, practice makes perfect. Although every person is different and it may immediately work for some of you, don't assume you'll get it right away. It may take a week or two, but once you learn how to recognize when you're starting to dream, it will get easier and easier.

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