Be a Patient Parent – Hypnosis Collaboration

Be a Patient Parent – Hypnosis Collaboration


Find the calm and inner peace to be a more patient parent. Being a parent can be trying some days. Learn how to create calming energy whenever you begin to feel stressed or anxious.


Being a parent can be overwhelming and frustrating on a good day. Sure, you love your kids, but sometimes that patience that you need just isn’t there.


Hypnosis is a great tool for creating calm and patience, and with this collaboration from Joel Thielke and Rachael Meddows, we help you explore how to be a more naturally patient parent. Train your brain to deal with stress on a deeper level and create more patience.


Program perks may include:

– More patience around your kids.

– Less anxiety and stress overall.

– The ability to stop and think before reacting.

– Deep, lasting relaxation.


We all can use a little help sometimes when it comes to parenting.


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