Self-Hypnosis Program (Regular or Sleep Learning)

Self-Hypnosis Program (Regular or Sleep Learning)


Let Joel create your very own customized self-hypnosis program! With this incredible program option, we’ll first schedule a phone call between you and Joel. During the phone call, you’ll talk to Joel about your specific needs and what you want to accomplish. Then Joel will create a unique program specifically tailored for you!



Once you purchase one of our custom packages, you will receive a conformation receipt in your provided email. From your time of purchase, one of our amazing staff members will be in touch with you to get the ball rolling. Most likely they will call tol take down some of your basic information, help to answer any and all questions you have, then schedule a time that works best to get you in direct contact with Joel. From there you and Joel will have your initial call to discuss the type of session you would like to have developed.

From there.. depending on Joel’s schedule, the turn around time is about 2 weeks to write up a script that he is confident will fit and exceed your expectations. You will be given a copy of this script via a PDF file, and from there you will have the opportunity to read through it and make any revisions you see fit. Joel will take those into consideration, make any necessary changes, then record that following week in his personal recording studio. From there it will take roughly 1 week to edit and create the master audio track. It all depends, but the average turn around time from start to finish is roughly 1 month. Please know we value your time and patience while we take the time to create something of quality, that is truly unique.

When finished, you will receive an email from us with the final script PDF, as well as the master MP3 audio track download link. You will be able to download the track onto any device from there. There is no limit as to how many devices you can download this program onto.


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