Healthy Lifestyle (Meditation and Affirmations)


Live a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, boost your confidence, and energize your life with this collection of meditation tracks and affirmations.

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Live a healthier lifestyle, have more energy, boost your happiness and confidence, lose weight, and feel great today with this new collection, “Healthy Lifestyle Meditation and Affirmations”, from certified hypnotherapist, Joel Thielke.  Designed to be listened to at any time of the day, these meditations and affirmations for motivation and healthy ways of living are perfect to listen at home or even at work. Do not listen while operating a moving vehicle.


Each track is designed to help with the various elements of living and committing to a healthy lifestyle, including diet, exercise motivation, positive and proactive thinking, and mental clarity. We recommend that the album be listened to as a whole, but feel free to pick and choose tracks that may address specific roadblocks you’ve had in the past when trying to embrace a healthier lifestyle and healthy thinking.


This albums includes the following motivating tracks:


1.  Introduction and Actions for Change

2.  Energize Your Life

3.  Stream Positivity

4.  Joy in Life

5.  Metabolism Boost

6.  We are the Light

7.  Diet Health

8.  Mental Clarity & Detox

9.  Step Up & Be Strong

10.  Get Motivated & Moving

11.  Healthy Eating


Why wait another day to start making healthy lifestyle changes? Your health is in your hands, and with the help of of this Meditation and Affirmations collection from Motivational Hypnotherapy, you can start eating right, get healthy, and create a more energized, positive future for yourself.


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