Powerful Sleep – Collaboration

Powerful Sleep – Collaboration


Get the powerful sleep your body craves with this collection from Joel Thielke and Rachael Meddows. Wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated. With this powerful hypnosis and meditation program, you can relax your body and mind and get the ultimate luxurious sleep.


Do you wake up feeling like you didn’t sleep at all the night before? Do you begin feeling tired half-way through the day? Even though you may be sleeping, you may not be getting a powerful sleep that will have you waking up feeling well-rested.

Hypnosis works with your subconscious to help you quiet your mind and focus on relaxation. Train your brain to sleep through the night and wake up rejuvenated.

Program perks may include:

  • Deep sleep.
  • Increased focus.
  • Waking up refreshed.
  • Feeling energized throughout the day.

Begin taking control of your sleep and your days. Get the rejuvenating rest you have been looking for with this instant download.


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