Yoga, Meditation and Stress Relief

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Let the power of guided meditation, and hypnosis help you to connect more deeply with your yoga and/or meditation practice.

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With Motivational Hypnotherapy’s patented hypnotherapy for focus and health, Hypnosis Help for Yoga, you can learn to reprogram your mind to truly embrace yoga, and get the most out of your yoga experience every time you practice it or teach it. This self hypnosis audio MP3 program combines hypnosis and guided meditation meditation for an alternative therapy that leads to motivation, self-confidence and self help success.

Being in shape and feeling good about your body is important for more than just how you feel about how you look — moving your body produces energy, boosts self-esteem and helps with depression and and ridding negative energy. The most successful people are those that can bring 100% of their energy and enthusiasm to the tasks that they wish to accomplish, and yoga is a vitally important tool for a successful life. Open your mind to a daily practice of yoga and/or meditation, and let your self-doubt and insecurities fade away.

Hypnotherapy and guided meditation helps people overcome self-sabotage by going to the root of the problem — the subconscious mind. By reprogramming your unconscious mind (sometimes referred to as neuro-linguistic programming or NLP), you can learn to relax and fully experience the benefits of your new found love of yoga: more energy, better sleep, a more fit and healthy body, a clearer mind with more focus and ability to concentrate, and a deeper appreciation of the people and things in your life that you truly enjoy.


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