Healing Power of Nature

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Access guidance and wisdom that comes from the natural world.

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Reprogram your mind to learn how to commune with nature and access the wisdom and guidance that comes from the natural world, whether you live in the country or an urban setting. This self hypnosis audio MP3 program combines hypnosis and meditation for an alternative therapy that leads to motivation, self-confidence and self help success. Learn how to get out of your own way, making it possible to truly participate in life, hear what others are saying, laugh and enjoy people’s company. Life takes on new meaning, goals suddenly become attainable and a sense of joy comes back. What are you waiting for?

Do you feel closer to a higher power when you are in a natural setting — the country, the mountains, among trees and flowers, staring at the ocean or a lake? Do you live in an urban environment where you feel cut off from nature and your true self? Do you love to go camping or on hikes because you feel renewed after being outdoors, but find that you are so busy with your day to day life that you rarely are able to go? Do you find that on those occasions when you are able to commune with nature outside the city you feel more authentic, happy, clear and confident?

Learn how to access that wonderful feeling of connection to the earth and it’s creatures even if you’re not able to leave your home. Let Joel Thielke guide you through a meditation that will put you in touch with that vibrant, alive, connected feeling of the Spirit as you drift into a relaxed, safe, comfortable, peaceful state in the safety of your own home.


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