Lucid Dreaming, Control Your Dreams

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Learn to reprogram your mind to unlock the secrets of your subconscious and control dreams!

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With Motivational Hypnotherapy’s patented hypnotherapy for confidence, Lucid Dreaming through Hypnosis: Control Your Dreams, you can learn to reprogram your mind to unlock the secrets of your subconscious! This self hypnosis audio MP3 program combines hypnosis and meditation for an alternative therapy that leads to motivation, self-confidence and self help success. Learn how to get out of your own way, making it possible to truly participate in life, hear what others are saying, laugh and enjoy people’s company. Life takes on new meaning, goals suddenly become attainable and a sense of joy comes back. What are you waiting for?

Anyone who has ever experienced even a moment of lucid dreaming knows how incredible it is. Lucid dreaming gives you the extraordinary ability to control your dreams, allowing you to have experiences that you could never otherwise have. Unfortunately, for most of us, this phenomenon is out of our reach. We may have had a moment of lucid dreaming once or twice, but as soon as we really understood that we were controlling our dreams, we woke up or the ability simply vanished.

You can learn to master the art of lucid dreaming. With Lucid Dreaming through Hypnosis: Control Your Dreams, you can actually train your subconscious mind to allow for unlimited dream-time experiences. This powerful self-hypnosis program features state-of-the-art audio hypnosis by master hypnotherapist Joel Thielke that will help you to achieve your goals with total ease and confidence.

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy helps people learn how to lucid dream by going to the root or base of the matter — the subconscious mind. By reprogramming your unconscious mind (sometimes referred to as neuro-linguistic programming or NLP), you can learn to relax and fully experience the benefits of lucid dreaming. Along the way, you will experience more energy, better sleep, a clearer mind with more focus and ability to concentrate, and a deeper appreciation of the people and things in your life that you truly enjoy.


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