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Hypnosis for Addiction

A Complement to Traditional Treatments

Hypnosis for Addiction

Hypnosis might not be your first thought when you begin working through rehabilitation for addiction. But contrary to popular belief, addictions are not about a person’s lack of willpower or some sort of failure—there is a chemical process in your brain that drives addiction. The reality is, you may have a strong willingness to stop these detrimental behaviors—and you could be putting in the effort but still struggling with cravings and the side effects of withdrawal and recovery. Rehabilitation takes a solid, genuine will on the part of the addict as well as several professionally-led treatment styles to truly retrain the brain. Hypnosis could be the extra key you need to overcome this challenging and complex issue.

Addictions are also no longer limited to drugs or alcohol. In recent years, experts have expanded the definition of addiction to include more “innocuous” activities, such as eating, shopping, social media and internet use, or even exercising. These activities can be healthy, but when they become habits fueled by unhealthy thoughts, the same chemical processes can occur and ultimately create an addiction. Regardless, hypnosis for addictions like these can be instrumental in overcoming the root causes of your struggles.

Hypnosis for Addiction

The Science of Addiction

It’s important to understand that addiction actually creates a physical need for the next “hit.” As you get used to the effects a substance or behavior creates, your body adapts, chemically altering your brain to offset the effects and return to a state of equilibrium. This alteration creates a scenario where you don’t feel the same effects of the substance or behavior as time goes on, triggering a desire for more. The addiction even makes it difficult to produce the normal chemical reactions of your brain without the addictive behavior anymore, creating more need.  So the rush of adrenaline that helps you focus, the calming of thoughts that helps you sleep, or the euphoria of a dopamine surge become harder and harder to achieve.

As the body becomes more and more accustomed to needing the addiction, people often lose control. Their bodies still crave the chemical reaction even when they want to quit. And as the addiction progresses, it becomes more difficult to resist temptation, despite friends, family, work, or other obligations. This is where “fault” becomes irrelevant—scientifically, you’re no longer fully in control.

How Hypnosis for Addiction Helps Recovery

When you’re ready, rehabilitation and recovery is possible. Treatments should always be pursued with support from medical professionals and experts who specialize in substance abuse and recovery. Hypnosis cannot cure you by itself. But hypnotherapy can help with side effects of withdrawal, the emotional challenges of overcoming your addiction, and healing past traumas that may have contributed to the start of your destructive behaviors. 

Hypnosis creates a clear state of mind that makes it easier to create change at a subconscious level. A common tactic in hypnosis for addiction is to isolate and recognize the feelings that trigger the addictive behavior, helping you after hypnosis to challenge cravings and fight relapse. Hypnosis is also a useful redirection technique because it creates a heightened, unobstructed state of focus where you can rationalize your emotional triggers.

What Is Hypnotherapy

and How Can It Help Me?

Hypnotherapy combines hypnosis for addiction with therapeutic techniques to challenge your habits and behaviors when your mind is open and free of preconceived notions. It is particularly effective when done with a certified hypnotherapist, though self-guided hypnosis has plenty of benefits too. The focus is to unlock the real triggers and underlying causes of your addiction. What factors are holding you back from making progress in your recovery? Hypnotherapy can help you solve these deep-rooted troubles.

When we put you in a trance state, you maintain total control without the distractions of outside anxieties or cares. You’ll discover what’s driving your addiction and learn techniques to overcome it. When you work with us in conjunction with your doctor, you can more successfully work to replace negative thoughts and feelings with positive ones. We can help you reprogram your brain.

Hypnosis for Addiction

Will Hypnosis Really Help Me Overcome Addiction?

Habits are difficult to break, and only more so when those habits have turned into chemically-driven addictions. Therefore, results cannot be guaranteed, as this technique is more about the time and effort spent and is different for every individual. However, you can take comfort in knowing that millions of people have turned to hypnotherapy and hypnosis for addiction to enhance the effectiveness of their other treatments that they were already doing through doctors or addiction experts. We help you take your recovery further, to rewrite the script of your addiction and find freedom on the other side.


Addiction 4
Kunal C.

“With Joel’s hypnosis I was able to stop gambling. I kept losing money and was in a ton of debt. This was a lifesaver. Keep up the good work.”

Addiction 3
Rochelle N.

“I was on social media constantly. I’d check it all day and it made me feel bad about myself. This program helps me stop myself from going there and actually has made me feel more confident too.”

Addiction 2
Juan H.

“Have used hypnosis to help me stop drinking as much. I definitely have noticed a difference. And Joel’s voice is nice. I tried other hypnotists and they were annoying but Joel has a relaxing voice.”

Addiction 1
Amanda A.

“Honestly I’m really bad about shopping online and spending money that I don’t have. I decided I wanted to build up my savings and so I tried an impulse control hypnosis program and it totally helped me stop and think before buying anything. I don’t impulse buy nearly as much and it’s just made me rethink money and spending in general.”

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