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Free Yourself from Diets with Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Discover how hypnotherapy can help you get into the right mentality to lose weight—thereby keeping off the pounds you shed, for good. It’s all about tackling the mindset shifts you need to establish a healthier relationship with food and your body—a tactic that is often neglected with other weight loss methods like dieting.

Diets can feel restrictive and don’t address the root issues, which often are the result of bad habits with food or exercise that were formed long ago. A lifetime of dieting can also create an unhealthy relationship with food. For example, you may have an indulgent weekend in “preparation” for a new diet to start on Monday. Then you struggle to adjust to the restrictive diet, give up, and end feeling bad about yourself all over again. It doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, using hypnosis for weight loss, you can reprogram the way you think about food so that you naturally develop healthier habits for the long term.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Why It’s So Hard to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

People tend to have mental blocks that keep them from achieving their ideal weight. Food addictions or using food as a coping mechanism for other struggles can cause people to eat for the wrong reasons—and often without thinking about it. Instead of eating food to satisfy their hunger or provide them with energy, their brains have been rewired to derive comfort and happiness primarily from food—either by what they eat or how much they eat. 

Unfortunately, this satisfaction is usually short-lived. More often than not, it leads to feelings of shame or disgust, either related to their self-control or how their bodies look. These feelings then trigger future episodes, creating a spiral that can be difficult to break. 

When you use hypnosis for weight loss, you learn to think about your body and food in the right way by training your brain properly with the help of a professional. The healthiest route is not to force yourself to diet and then berate yourself if you fail, but to find a balance that is both intentional and permissive at the same time.

How Hypnosis Can Help With Weight Loss

In short, hypnosis creates a mental state that makes it easier to work through challenges. Using hypnosis for weight loss is one of the most popular ways this effective therapy is utilized. This system helps establish a mental framework in which understanding and tactically working through unhealthy thoughts is easier. If you’re having trouble losing weight—or keeping it off once lost—your mind is likely in the wrong place. 

This impressive method helps refocus your thoughts so you can find comfort, happiness, and other positive emotions outside of food and achieve your goals without feeling deprived. With expert guidance, you will learn how to rewire your brain and achieve the food freedom you’ve dreamed about. With guided meditation and affirmations, you’ll tap into the deepest parts of the mind to shift your focus to what your body needs and away from what your emotions want. Together, we can undo years of yo-yo dieting, guilt, and bad habits.


and How Can It Help?

In hypnosis, sounds and visualizations are used to fully relax you and remove outside distractions. You are not asleep or in a state of unconsciousness; you are in a relaxed, heightened state of focus. This creates the opportunity for critical thought work and therapy to uncover the root of your challenges and develop solutions to overcome them, and helps create a deep belief in your own ability to achieve growth.

Before starting with us, many of our clients reported troubles with losing weight. No matter how hard they tried, they just couldn’t seem to make anything work for them. The problem is that it’s usually not as simple as eating less and working out more. This is the basis of many quick-fix, fad diet programs—and if they don’t work, they say you’re the problem, not the diet. But there’s hope—hypnotherapy and hypnosis specifically work to help in areas these fad diets ignore, making everything else easier.

You deserve to feel strong, beautiful, and confident in your body, regardless of your weight or clothing size. Hypnotherapy can also help you untangle your self-worth from your external appearance, removing the metaphorical weight you’ve been carrying as well.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Will Hypnosis Really Help Me Lose Weight?

With hypnosis for weight loss, we cannot guarantee any one person’s specific outcome. Just like with anything related to your health, it all comes down to the time and effort you put into it. But when you use hypnotherapy to help you work through a negative relationship with food, you have a better chance of building a life free from unhealthy diets and too much exercise. We can help you build a strong and healthy foundation, making your other weight loss efforts that much more effective.


Weight Loss 4
Audrina J.

“I gained a few pounds being stuck at home. It was hard for me to get motivated to work out and I was in this awful cycle. I started using an exercise motivation program and I’m looking and feeling much better.”

Weight Loss 3
Caleb G.

“I hate dieting. I do. I searched for natural ways to shed weight and I found Joel and bought my first audiobook. His voice is so relaxing so it was easy to listen to. I ended up getting two more weight loss programs and I’ve shed about 15 pounds in two months. Definitely try it.”

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Stuart M.

“So I come from a big-boned family and I know I’m never gonna be a stick. But with Joel’s digital programs I’ve been able to lose weight and maintain a size I feel confident with.”

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Megan W.

“My best friend actually recommended Joel’s programs to me after she lost like 10 lbs doing one of his sleep weight loss programs. I have been listening to mine for 3 weeks now and I have already noticed a lot of my cravings are gone and I am more motivated to workout.”