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Hypnosis for Smoking

A New Strategy

Hypnosis for Smoking

Smoking is one of the most challenging habits to break. With modern science, we have known for a while exactly how smoking can affect our lungs, heart, and many other bodily systems—but millions of people still smoke regularly. Many find it very difficult to stop, even when they really want to, because of how nicotine affects the brain. 

Just like any other addictive substance, nicotine products possess mood-altering effects. Many smokers rely on cigarettes to help them deal with stress, to focus and get a job done, or sometimes just to enjoy the routine. No matter the reason, smoking provides a temporary boost that becomes difficult to resist. Eventually, you want to create that temporary feeling more often, but it becomes more difficult to achieve. Your body grows so accustomed to the nicotine that it stops being able to function as well without it, making you want more and more. And when you want to quit but can’t, you not only continue the unhealthy habit but often carry feelings of guilt and shame as well. That’s where hypnosis for smoking comes in.

Hypnosis for Smoking

Why Can’t I Quit Smoking?

With all the solutions advertised to us every day, it seems like it should be easy to quit. The market of products promising to help you quit smoking is expected to reach nearly $64 billion worldwide by 2026. Yet, so many people keep falling back into the same cycle, feeling helpless to break away. 

Many typical therapies for smoking cessation focus on the chemical changes that have taken place as the result of your addiction – but that’s not the whole story. When you constantly are seeking that temporary boost or reprieve from stress, it’s because there’s an underlying problem that isn’t being addressed. To truly overcome your cravings, you’ll need to understand and overcome those problems. Your brain must be rewired to kick this stubborn and unhealthy habit.

How Hypnosis for Smoking Retrains Your Brain

When you’re able to quit smoking, the resulting health benefits are almost overwhelmingly positive, but the withdrawal process can be difficult. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis for smoking can be used as a powerful tool to curb your cravings and build healthy coping mechanisms to tackle your addiction. 

Hypnosis opens your mind to reveal the subconscious, helping you rewire your thoughts, desires, and actions. This clarity allows you to identify underlying needs and challenge your desire to smoke. You can use hypnosis to create negative thoughts about smoking, clear your mind when anxiety may trigger a craving, and focus on healthier habits instead.

What Can Hypnotherapy Do?

Professional hypnotherapy uses therapeutic techniques to overcome challenges while you are in a hypnotic state, helping you to understand a problem and solution more clearly. When you are able to relax, focus, and reason with yourself more easily, the subconscious improvements from hypnosis can help curb your cravings and put an end to negative behaviors. You’ll learn to identify your triggers and find other, healthier ways to achieve the feelings of relief or focus you crave. 

Hypnosis can be done through programs provided by a certified hypnotherapist, or you can opt for a live session and work directly with an expert.  It is an effective treatment for many serious struggles, including an addiction to nicotine. When adding hypnotherapy to the other methods you have been trying in order to quit, you can break the cycle of your behavior and create long-lasting habits for a happier, healthier life.

Hypnosis for Smoking

Will Hypnosis Really Help Me Quit Smoking?

Your particular results will depend on the time and effort you put into your recovery—you must be truly ready to quit. We can’t guarantee specific outcomes for each person, but we do promise we will work with you to help you achieve your goals. Millions of people have turned to hypnotherapy and hypnosis for smoking when nothing else has worked as well as they had hoped—and they have seen significant results that have made them keep coming back for more.


Smoking 4
Brad F.

“Took me a few days to get used to it since I hadn’t tried hypnotherapy before but I absolutely LOVE this now. I still have little cravings every now and then but now I can handle it and it’s not a big deal. Also I’ve noticed a huge difference in my breathing…I’m able to actually jog again.”

Smoking 3
Addison C.

“Finally something that actually works! I have been using Stop Smoking for about a month now and I really started to see results a week ago, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t feel it “working” immediately. Stick with it and it will change your life!”

Smoking 2
Justin G.

“I made the decision to stop and started using Joel’s audiobook and it’s been so helpful. So far so good and it’s made going cold turkey bearable.”

Smoking 1
Harrison L.

“I’ve tried to quit smoking a bunch of times and nothing stuck until I tried hypnosis. This program was relaxing and also I noticed my cravings were almost gone within two weeks.”