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Hypnosis for Sports and Exercise

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Hypnosis for Sports

Regular activity from sports and exercise brings a wealth of benefits. Not only can it help us get stronger, faster, and more coordinated, but exercise also offers huge emotional advantages too—it can reduce stress, boost self-esteem, and improve your overall mood.

When people push themselves and overcome a challenge or set a new personal record, there is a sense of accomplishment and pride. But sometimes we struggle with getting started, or we let our fear of failure keep us from setting bigger goals for ourselves.

If you find that you have habitual negativity, a sense of perfectionism, or an unrelenting fear of failure, you’re standing in your own way. Instead, you need a way to clear your mind and dig deep to push past those doubts and fears. We offer hypnosis for sports and exercise so that people everywhere have the chance to feel this sense of achievement and get the health benefits they deserve, even if they have trouble getting themselves in the mindset for success. 

Hypnosis for Sports

The Mental Aspect of Sports and Exercise

When taking on any new change in your life, you have to start with habits. Building a plan to achieve an exercise or fitness goal is no different. Habits, along with good time management, create a repeatable structure for success. We help athletes understand the obstacles that interfere with their performance and teach them tools for overcoming them. We build reflexive habits that show them how to rise to the occasion.

We focus on mental preparation—an area that is sometimes overlooked in sports. In truth, the mind is a crucial muscle. It must go through training just like the rest of the body, or you will struggle under the pressure of competition. And like any other type of training, it takes patience, commitment, and hard work. This is where hypnosis for sports and exercise can help. 

Clearing Your Mind Is the Most Important Hurdle

Elite athletes around the world rely on their habits. They prioritize their routines and don’t let outside distractions get in their way. Hypnosis for sports helps you get in the right mindset so you go from “I can’t,” “I don’t have the energy,” “I’m not strong enough,” or “I don’t have the time,” to “YES, I can!”

Take Olympian Michael Phelps, for instance. He developed a winning routine for race day with habits that he built upon and perfected over time. These habits helped him to be fully in control of himself and deal with any outside stressors—such as his parents’ divorce—and still keep a continuously clear mind. Phelps did this so he could push himself farther and harder, even when there were impediments.

How Hypnosis for Sports Changes Your Mindset

As part of his training, Phelps would close his eyes and envision every stroke of his race, from start to finish. He made a point of playing a mental video of what the perfect race might look like, and he inserted himself into that image, eliminating his need for physical vision. He even set a world record while his goggles were full of water and he couldn’t see! Because he used the power of his mind and positive habits, he was able to keep going without worry, regardless of what was happening in the moment or in his life at the time.

Like Phelps, you too can utilize the power of your mind to reach new heights. You just need to learn how to break the old habits that are keeping you where you are and generate new ones. Hypnosis for sports and exercise will help you get to the root of any behaviors, triggers, or thought processes that aren’t serving you and create habits that will push you further. 

Let us guide you through proven hypnotherapy tactics—either with a downloadable program or through a personalized session—and we will set you up for success. We can teach you how to free yourself from a seemingly never-ending cycle so you can move on and improve your life. You just need to exercise control over your mind.

Hypnosis for Sports

Will Hypnosis for Sports Really Help Me Get Stronger or Faster?

Good habits aren’t easy to set, and bad habits are even harder to break. But when we lead you through hypnosis, you’ll be in a heightened state of awareness that interrupts the mental noise and creates clarity. You’ll be more adept at responding to both internal and external changes. Hypnosis for sports and exercise takes you further by getting you in the right headspace for a challenge and priming you for long-term performance enhancement.

Hypnotherapy isn’t a magic bullet. Like any situation where we challenge ourselves, it takes dedication, time, and a willingness to grow. The habits and routines you create will not look like the ones of your teammate or favorite athlete, but they will work best for you. And as you’ll learn, the benefits of hypnotherapy and hypnosis can help you in any area of your life where you feel stuck.


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