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Hypnosis Testimonials


Thousands of people have come to us to help them break bad habits, change their perspective, and grow into a better version of themselves. But you don’t have to take our word for it – check out their stories below!


Godsend! I have had numerous health problems, the most recent advanced cancer. I have not slept through the night for several years UNTIL now. This relaxes me and puts me into a deep sleep. I now sleep until at least 6 a.m. without waking through the night. Thank You! Nancy B.

My new favorite hypnosis audio!

My new favorite hypnosis audio! I have lost 25lbs. It is a great weight-loss tool. It seems easier to eat smaller portions and to make healthier food choices. Penny L.

Works For Me

Works For Me I don't crave unhealthy food after listening to this. I like that it is short for when I need a quick session. I do cycle between other weight loss versions to maximize the effect. Mindy L.

Just right

Just right Joel has a very excellent series of hypnosis recordings. Rapid Weightloss helped me with a breakthrough as I finally passed from 10 to 11lbs of Weight loss. Andy C.

Very addictive

Very addictive I love this. I've never done any sort of hypnotherapy but I think I've fallen in love. I now listen to this every day. when I listen it feels like I am rewarding myself by relaxing and fully releasing my thoughts. It has definitely helped me with my eating habits as well. this is a great motivational tool. Brittany H.

Keep up the great work

“Keep up the great work” I was already in touch with this aspect of my mind, but this was an absolutely fantastic boost for my furthering in Lucid Dreaming. Keep up the great work. Andrew P.

Just what I need to succeed

Just what I need to succeed This is just what I need to succeed to stop smoking this time. I have used many self- hypnosis programs in the past and am usually able to find something that I don’t like about the narrator’s voice, whether it be the way words are pronounced or the speed of the narration. It’s always something. You have one of the most relaxing voices I have ever heard. I also really like the way you have combined the hypnotic and subliminal effects together. In the past, I have only seen one or the other, or if the program had both they were on separate media and not combined. Rich S.

I couldn’t be more grateful!

I couldn’t be more grateful! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! This actually works and I couldn't be more grateful!! Armani N.

Worth every cent

Worth every cent I used this app and I stopped smoking within a week. it is bloody excellent! I give it 20 out of 10, worth every cent. Shane J.

Thank you!

Thank you! This meditation app has helped my 11yr old daughter so much!!!!! Thank you for providing such an effective meditation and relaxation app for all. My daughter has always had severe insomnia and this has helped her to relax and fall asleep without fail almost every night. Thank you!!!! Jenifer G.

Thank you so very much

Thank you so very much I want to thank you so very much for your meditations that help me to fall asleep. I find your voice so calming, and choice of words very comforting. I have several health conditions that affect my nervous system, thus making relaxation a luxury. I just had to say "Thank you and God bless you for caring!". Jan E.

This program is so helpful

This program is so helpful This program is so helpful for clearing the mind and losing weight. Michael M.

The best by far

The best by far Have listened & tried many meditation programs before & this is the best by far. Perfect! Laurelle J.

Get to sleep! It works!!!

Get to sleep! It works!!! This works so well & has helped me so much! I listen to this often to help me get to sleep & relax. I don’t know how it works but it works! I’m so grateful I found it! Casey R.

Well worth the purchase price

Well worth the purchase price I have been listening to Mr. Thielke's motivational and Hypnotic recordings for many years. Mindful Motivation & Success Bundle is as good as any of the recordings I've previously listened to. I have been completing household projects that I have been procrastinating about for long periods of time. I wasn't consciously aware that it could have been the recording that motivated me until I was listening to the recording about procrastinating and it then dawned on me what was going on. I had to smile and pat myself on the back. The recordings are well worth the purchase price. Thank you Joel. Nick M.

I already feel calmer

I already feel calmer I already feel calmer and more organized with how I look at each day and have only listened to this twice. It’s positive, it’s calming and gives you an undercurrent of ambition for wanting to get things done without the anxiety. Wendy R.

Uplifting and rejuvenating

Uplifting and rejuvenating I'm a long time user of hypnosis and I continue to enjoy Joel Thielke's sessions. This one in particular is very uplifting and rejuvenating. Especially if you are spiritual/religious because he allows you to envision an angel/guiding light connecting with you to drain negativity from your mind. I continue to listen to this session and often when times are stressful in my life. Mike A.

Relaxes me at bedtime...

Relaxes me at bedtime... Falling asleep is much easier for me, when down or anxious if I listen to this. Both the content and his voice are very soothing. Bridget M.