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Hypnosis for Confidence

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Hypnosis for Confidence

Have you ever struggled with your self-esteem? Have you been terrified to meet new people or give a big presentation at work? Maybe you’ve tried to boost your confidence by practicing speeches, expanding your skillset, or even reading self-help books. But none of those will help until you can identify the root cause of why you feel like you’re not good enough. That’s why we recommend using hypnosis for confidence issues.

A lack of confidence is one of the most common reasons why people turn to hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Even though you may logically understand that you have all the skills you need or that your friends aren’t laughing about you behind your back, many of us still carry a little voice that says, “Are you sure?”

You may hope to find some unshakeable sense of inner peace, enlightenment, and self-assuredness. But humans are not infallible—the beauty of life comes from confronting new and challenging experiences and learning from the emotions they stir within us. We’ll never eliminate fear or judgment or frustration. However, what we can do is learn how to achieve better control of our minds when faced with these scenarios. That’s what hypnosis for confidence will teach you.

Hypnosis for Confidence

Why Do We Struggle With Confidence?

Why are self-esteem and confidence common issues for so many? The cause of these feelings can be complex. Some people feel confident when they feel they are in control, but when that control is taken away, so is their confidence. Or they may feel a compulsory need to be absolutely perfect even when trying something for the first time. 

Others may have simply grown up around people who made them feel small. No one should make you feel inferior—not yourself or anyone else. But gaining that sense of self-worth is often easier said than done because so many techniques designed to boost your confidence don’t examine the underlying issues. Think of all the times you’ve tried fixing a complex problem with a simple solution. This almost always fails, because a quick fix is a band-aid rather than a long-term resolution.

How Can I Feel More Confident?

When it comes to confidence, it’s easy to think we can’t achieve anything until we develop our self-esteem first. But most often, confidence comes from achievement—not the other way around. To get to a more genuine, immovable level of confidence, it needs to be practiced regularly by challenging the thoughts and feelings that cause your fear. Practicing confidence may sound like being arrogant, but arrogance is usually overcompensating for a lack of self-esteem. Being confident is, at its core, an act of self-care and acceptance of who you are. 

Even so, lacking confidence doesn’t make you a bad person, just as having confidence doesn’t automatically make you fantastic. Remember that actions are what bring about confidence. Confidence is not a prerequisite for taking action to change your life for the better. If you wait to achieve your goals until you feel more capable, your lack of confidence will turn into an excuse for staying small. 

With hypnosis, you eliminate old beliefs and replace them with new, positive thoughts and self-talk. This helps you remove the anxiety and fear and start to take actions that lead to bolstered self-confidence. 

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to self-esteem. Hypnosis for confidence works by providing a custom solution to fit your needs. You’ll have to figure out why you struggle with feeling worthy and learn techniques for overcoming those doubts. Everyone experiences these fears for different reasons, and hypnotherapy helps you find the best solution for your particular issues.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help

My Self-Esteem?

As you now know, practice makes perfect when it comes to self-esteem and confidence. You’ll never be able to eliminate every situation that could present a challenge, and trying to make it your goal to never feel doubt again is setting yourself up for failure. Instead, by using hypnosis for confidence, you’ll learn to maintain control of your emotions during high-stakes situations and create an inner dialogue that boosts you up instead of tearing you down. We are all works in progress, and it takes time to overcome the seeds of doubt that were planted in your past. 

Hypnotherapy combines hypnosis with traditional psychotherapy techniques. When in a hypnotic state, you’ll clear your mind and understand where your lack of self-esteem is rooted. Then, you can identify habits and behaviors that can work to change those negative thought processes standing in your way. Hypnosis for confidence is best done with a certified hypnotherapist, but benefits can still be gained through convenient, downloadable hypnosis sessions.

Hypnosis for Confidence

Will Hypnosis Really Help My Confidence?

Using hypnosis for confidence is an individualized experience, and building self-esteem takes time. You likely won’t feel more confident after just one session—you’ll need to invest time and energy for lasting results. Hypnosis creates a hyperaware state where you are able to think more clearly than ever before. 

With our hypnosis for confidence programs, you’ll develop the tools you need to combat self-doubt, but those tools will look different for everyone. The beauty of hypnotherapy is how unique it is to each person, so don’t let it intimidate you if your success takes a different route than you expected. We’ve been able to help so many of our clients find greater self-worth, and now we want to help you too.


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“Holy cow I wish I’d had this in high school haha it would have made life way easier. Thanks for creating an audiobook that makes me feel good and like I can accomplish a lot. I’m the best version of myself right now.”

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“I was tired of feeling bad about myself and Joel has been so helpful. I reached out to his customer service and they were so sweet and helpful with recommending title options. Big thumbs up all around!”

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“Thank you for making these programs. I use hypnosis and affirmations and I feel so much better in general. I get up every morning and I practice positive self-talk and it’s awesome.”