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Hypnosis for Anxiety & Depression

A New Approach to Your Mental Health

Hypnosis for Anxiety

If you have been struggling with mental health challenges, you may also be struggling with how to improve your symptoms. Each person’s experience is as different as their fingerprint, and both diagnoses and treatment plans can be difficult to identify. 

Often, there is a series of trials and errors to reach a point of feeling “better”—but what about feeling your best? If you’re having trouble getting through your daily routine because of your anxiety or depression, it might be time to try a new approach. 

This is where hypnosis for anxiety and depression can be a real game-changer. Even when you are managing your symptoms with medication or lifestyle changes, it’s important to understand the core of your mental health challenges. 

Hypnosis for Anxiety

Why Is Mental Health So Hard to Define?

Depression and anxiety can look drastically different from person to person. These differences make it difficult to define a root cause, which leads to fewer diagnoses—and even fewer correct diagnoses. Medical professionals frequently look to the treatment that works for most patients rather than focusing on the challenges, needs, and experiences of the individual before them. Each person must be treated as a unique case and get personalized care and attention—and often, the person best equipped to help you feel better is YOU. 

While therapists and psychiatrists are an important part of your mental health strategy, sometimes you need to try additional strategies to find a combination that works best. Some patients can find a medication that helps their anxiety or depression, but it may trigger other mood disorders or uncomfortable side effects. The limited availability and affordability of traditional therapy also tend to make it harder for people to get the treatment they really need. Ultimately, many find that when traditional treatments are not enough, adding hypnotherapy becomes the key to their success. 

You just need the right tools to unlock the core of your struggles, helping you fully understand and overcome your unique challenges. This is why people often find the most success with hypnosis for anxiety and depression.


Anxiety and depression can easily take over people’s lives and prevent them from doing the things they really want or need to do.

Depression can steal the joy from things you once loved. Slowly, you may find yourself feeling less excited, less interested, and less content, but unable to pinpoint a cause. So you may not even know what you need and feel utterly lost without the right strategy. Anxiety can first appear as indecision, overpreparation, or even extreme levels of productivity. But these can develop into more negative behaviors that keep you from living your life the way you want.

With symptoms that often start within the range of normal human experience, anxiety and depression can quickly become overwhelming before you realize you are struggling. People can present as nervous, sad, angry, or a whole slew of other reactions that are difficult for friends and family to handle. That’s why hypnosis for anxiety and depression, as well as coaching, can be so powerful—it helps clear the mind so you can establish an understanding of your triggers and behaviors, as well as the core events or circumstances that lead to these issues.


Hypnotherapy combines hypnosis with traditional psychotherapeutic techniques. Hypnosis for anxiety and depression is most successful when guided by a certified hypnotherapist, but there are still plenty of benefits to be gained through self-guided hypnosis. It’s also important to remember that hypnosis doesn’t make you lose control, but helps you uncover secrets deep within your subconscious. 

In reality, hypnosis and hypnotherapy teach people to develop strategies for identifying and overcoming challenges through a heightened state of awareness. This can go hand in hand with other therapeutic techniques that you may already be using, such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), making it easier to achieve your goals. Much like traditional therapy, hypnotherapy takes time and effort to find growth. It’s also very effective for reducing or relieving symptoms related to anxiety and depression, which can happen more quickly.

Your brain is just like any other muscle—you have to keep working at strengthening it if you want to be able to get a healthy handle on your thoughts and feelings. Hypnosis facilitates the critical thought processes you need to develop long-term solutions. Adding hypnotherapy to your mental health treatment plan can help you get to the root of your troubles faster and more effectively—and ultimately, to realize the steps you need to take if you want to overcome them once and for all.

Hypnosis for Anxiety

Will Hypnosis Really Help My Anxiety or Depression?

As this is a very individualized process, we cannot guarantee your specific results. The success of any hypnotherapy program depends on how much time and effort you are willing to invest in your growth and breaking down the barriers to recovery. We are a partner to you and your healthcare provider in this journey and can help lead you with expert techniques, but true recovery comes from within yourself. We are committed to creating a customized, state-of-the-art experience for you, built on a foundation we have seen work countless times for others.

By utilizing technology that is readily available, you can conveniently fit hypnotherapy into your life, no matter what your schedule looks like. Just keep in mind, hypnotherapy is meant to be a complement to traditional treatments and, when used in conjunction, can help break through negative cycles more effectively than traditional psychotherapy. 

If your mental health is weighing you down and keeping you from being fully happy, you deserve to let yourself try your hand at this route. You are sure to be pleasantly surprised by what you learn about yourself—and the way the mind works when you allow us to bring you to a heightened focus.


Anxiety 4
Benji D.

“I have struggled with anxiety for years especially in social settings. I found Joel’s programs a few months ago and they’ve been super helpful when I go out and have to be in crowds or meet new folks.”

Anxiety 3
Nathan A.

“Oh I’m 100% one of the most anxious people you can meet haha. Joel’s audiobooks help me stay grounded and present and give me the guidance I need to start letting go of my anxiety.”

Anxiety 2
Ione T.

“Full disclosure, I’m on antidepressants. But I’ve been using hypnotherapy for the past month to help with some of my symptoms I still have and it’s amazing. It’s been such a helpful addition to my pills and therapy. If you’re struggling, just try hypnotherapy. I love it.”

Anxiety 1
Evan P.

“I’ve been getting panic attacks since college and I don’t like taking meds for them. I tried hypnosis with Joel and I can’t even tell you different I feel. They’re not completely gone but I have them WAY less and for the first time I feel like I can manage them. Thanks Joel.”