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Hypnosis While You Sleep

Does It Work?

Hypnosis While You Sleep

Hypnosis is used to interrupt negative behaviors and find a way to naturally and safely replace poor habits with new, healthier ones. You can practice hypnosis almost anywhere with downloadable programs. Or, you could work with a certified hypnotherapist in their office or through a virtual hypnotherapy session. But when you’re struggling to find time to add yet another thing to your routine, it might be time to explore hypnosis programs that are designed to be used while you sleep. 

Using hypnosis while you sleep has benefits that go beyond convenience. When people utilize this method of hypnotherapy, it’s not just so they can stick to a routine or avoid making adjustments to their busy schedules. They do it because sleep creates a state of mind primed for behavioral growth and building long-term success over the challenges they face.

Hypnosis While You Sleep

How You Can Use Hypnosis While You Sleep

The use of hypnosis while you sleep is ideal because of how our brains are wired. Our brains’ electrical activity, or brainwave activity, changes throughout the day and night and determines how we process certain kinds of information. Scientists have been able to classify this activity into four levels and pinpoint when they are most likely to occur, from wakeful alertness all the way through to the deepest sleep. 

When you are fully awake, you are in the highest state of activity, or beta (12 to 40 Hz). While in beta, you are concentrating on your surroundings and constantly processing new information. When you’re completely asleep, you are in delta (0.5 to 4 Hz), the lowest level of activity. In delta, your brain is focused on rest and recovery and is processing minimal data. But in the middle phases—alpha (8 to 12 Hz) and theta (4 to 8 Hz)—you’re primed for therapeutic work. You’re awake and alert, but you’re also calm and focused strongly on your internal self. In these phases, you can access your imagination and develop creative solutions. It’s here that our brains have the most success with learning, growth, and personal development. 

The goal of hypnosis is to put you in these alpha or theta phases. You can be at varying levels while still in a true meditative state where positive behaviors can be reinforced without focusing on negative results. As you drift off to sleep and pass through these phases, you create an opportunity for implicit—or subconscious—learning. When you use hypnosis while you sleep, you’ll be guided through your challenges and be better equipped to solve them. After the session, you’ll move fully into the delta phase and give your mind time to process what you’ve learned and rest.


Just like with any other hypnotherapy program, using hypnosis while you sleep one time won’t create solutions overnight. Your brain requires training and practice to adopt better habits. You should be prepared to reflect and absorb what you’ve learned, and allow the suggestions to take root in your head.

This is why consistency and balance are key. Focusing too much on getting fast results will only get in the way of your goals, and trying to solve every problem at once won’t work. Poor habits need time to be broken and replaced with more positive habits. The more deep-seated the issue, the more challenging it can be to stop the habit. With hypnotherapy, we can identify your triggers and work through them together for lasting results.

Is Hypnosis While You Sleep Actually Effective?

Hypnosis works on the subconscious level to help you uncover negative behavior cycles and find new opportunities for growth and development. By listening to hypnosis while you sleep—or rather, as you fall asleep—you spend the majority of the program in those alpha and theta phases, and then you drift off. 

Studies have shown that memory processing during sleep is highly beneficial because it helps you hold onto what you learned. It’s the same reason why some musicians listen to a new song as they sleep, or why you may have heard to review your notes for a big test right before bedtime. We know that the brain does not switch off during sleep—it’s busy reviewing and storing memories. That’s why using hypnosis while you sleep is ideal for so many.

Hypnosis While You Sleep

Ways Hypnosis Can Help While You Sleep

Taking advantage of the power of hypnosis while you sleep can help with all sorts of struggles. Whether you are struggling with weight loss, building confidence, overcoming fears and anxieties, kicking an addiction, or managing your mental health, the effects of hypnotherapy—and the science behind it—are irrefutable. Thousands of clients have come to us for help with their conditions and then gone on to enjoy revitalized lives where they no longer feel held back by their challenges. 

If you’ve never tapped into your subconscious to set yourself free from a frustrating loop that seems beyond your control, it’s time you try hypnosis. We’ll help you train your brain and put an end to these negative habits with our safe, natural hypnotherapy programs.


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“LOVE! My days are crazy busy and this not only helps me fall asleep but I get all the good stuff I wanted from the program. Also I don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore.”