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Hypnosis for Phobias

Overcome Your Biggest Fears

Hypnosis for Phobias

Do you suffer from fears that interrupt your life or hold you back? Do you wish you could overcome them once and for all? 

It’s tough to tackle a problem you don’t understand, but many who suffer don’t know how or why they developed their fear. Sometimes phobias are caused by traumatic experiences or learned from people who helped shape your childhood. Others may come from normal changes in your brain. Regardless of the cause, a phobia is not your fault. 

Many people misunderstand how complex and scary it can be to encounter your phobia, and that makes it difficult to have your fears taken seriously. Still, their perception isn’t what’s important—it’s about your happiness and your desire to overcome this challenge. When you use hypnosis for phobias, you can understand the underlying cause of your fear, learn techniques to combat your panic, and create a healthy mindset that will propel you forward. 

Hypnosis for Phobias

What Are Phobias?

Before you can understand why hypnosis is the best approach, you’ll need to first understand what a phobia is. Phobias are often defined as an exaggerated, irrational fear—but the fear seems neither exaggerated nor irrational to you. 

Phobias most often fall into one of three categories: specific phobias, social phobias, or agoraphobias. Specific phobia is the fear of a specific trigger, like spiders or clowns. Social phobia often includes the fear of being publicly humiliated or being singled out in a crowd or other social situation. Agoraphobia is often misunderstood as a fear of wide-open spaces, but it is actually the fear of being unable to leave or escape an environment if you were to experience panic. Ironically, this can include claustrophobia, the fear of small or cramped spaces. 

Specific phobias are known as simple phobias because they have a more clearly identifiable cause, making them easier to diagnose. But with social and agoraphobias, identifying the root issue might be trickier.

With hypnosis for phobias, you can work to overcome your fears and accomplish the things you want to do. These phobias are truly all in your head, and hypnosis allows you to discover their origin so you can rewrite your reactions.

How Can I Manage My Fear?

When you’re exposed to your phobia, you can experience intense panic or anxiety, a loss of control over your emotional responses, and even physical symptoms like a racing heartbeat, shaking, or sweating. Even mild phobias can still be extremely uncomfortable to be exposed to.

If you find yourself avoiding any situation where you may experience your fear, it means your phobias are impeding daily life. You may have even adopted these coping mechanisms so long ago that you hardly notice them until someone asks. 

This is no way to live. You can’t plan for every possible scenario, and you shouldn’t have to. What you need to do is discover the underlying issue that is making you feel afraid of your specific phobia. When you practice hypnosis for your phobias, you can finally get to the bottom of fear and create a long-term solution. 

How Does Hypnotherapy Help?

During a hypnotherapy session, you are in a trance-like state of heightened awareness. You’ll safely explore the physical and emotional response to being exposed to your phobia and create a feeling of disassociation from those responses. Through hypnosis, you will dig deep into your mind to unlock and examine the “why” behind your phobia.

When you understand the root cause of your fears, you can create solutions for lasting results. For instance, are you actually afraid of flying—a specific phobia—or are you afraid of being unable to get off the plane, which is an agoraphobia? Flying is such a common trigger that many of us joke about it, using a pre-flight drink to take the edge off. But instead of self-medicating—which could be unsafe—you can find a solution that gives long-term relief. Using hypnosis for your phobia does just that. 

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis and therapeutic tactics to help you overcome your fears. Either live or through pre-recorded programs, you are led by an experienced professional who has been certified to help others develop tools to control their response—even when directly faced with their fear. Hypnotherapy often results in enhanced outcomes for lifelong relief.

Hypnosis for Phobias

Will Hypnosis Really Help Me Overcome My Phobia?

During hypnotherapy, you’ll work to become desensitized to your fears safely with enhanced scene visualization. You’ll also learn ways to encourage a more controlled behavioral response to your fears, and with time and practice you’ll begin to find relief. 

Phobias are complex fears that undermine our ability to function. Everyone’s experience will be different, and it will take time and effort to confront your anxieties and overcome them. But when you are ready to take the next step and enter a new phase of your life, we are here to help. 


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Adrian D.

“Joel has done a nice job of making a stop fear program that works fast. I like the music he uses too.”

Phobias 3
Noelle D.

“Speaking in front of people is my worst nightmare but I have to do it for work. After using hypnotherapy there’s a marked difference when I speak. I’m more confident now.”

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Tammy J.

“I was TERRIFIED of flying. I would sweat and panic even before I got on the friggin plane. I just flew after using Joel’s program for a while and felt loads better. I still wasn’t totally comfortable but there was a HUGE improvement which hey I’ll take!”

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David A.

“I get nervous around people. This makes me less nervous and I know now how to calm myself down and make myself feel okay if I start to feel nervous.”