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DOES Hypnotherapy WORK?

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It’s time to take the next step toward a healthier life. If you want to be happier, sleep better, find love, lose weight, gain confidence, and so much more, we can help. 

Here, you’ll explore how hypnotherapy works and how it can help you tackle life’s most persistent challenges. You have what it takes, and we have the tools.


and How Does It Work?

Hypnotherapy works by dealing with your issues at the subconscious level. Throughout our lives, we develop behaviors—from the people we interact with, our jobs, the things we read and watch, and the rest of the world around us. Over time, these behaviors become less of a conscious decision and turn into habits. And habits are incredibly difficult to break.

When in a hypnotic state, you are still in control. But you are also in a heightened state of awareness primed for enhanced problem solving ability. You’re able to understand your habits on a deeper level and interrupt the cycle with new, healthier behaviors, setting you up for long-term success.

Your conscious critical faculty (CCF), which acts as the filter by which we view the world, lies between your conscious and your subconscious.

Traditional cognitive therapy works on behaviors and habits at a conscious level, which can take months or even years to create sustainable change. Hypnotherapy works by bypassing your CCF, removing the constraints of previous thoughts and memories and letting you think freely to solve problems in new ways.

Some instant benefits are deep relaxation, lowered blood pressure, and pain relief. After a session, you can also experience increased focus, more energy, and better sleep. But for the best experience, we suggest using most of our programs for 21 days. Repetition gives you time to change disempowering beliefs and reprogram your subconscious to create long-lasting healthy habits.

What Challenges Can Hypnotherapy Help Me Overcome?

These are just a few of the issues that the right hypnotherapy program can help you conquer:

Relationship Problems:

Whether you struggle with relationships due to confidence, negative behaviors, or simply finding the right partners, you’ll learn new behavior and habits to help you build and maintain strong, healthy relationships, both romantic and platonic.

Sleep Difficulties:

Whether you have trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep, or having nightmares once asleep, losing a good night’s rest can disrupt your entire life. We can help you get to the bottom of your struggle and  get some much-deserved shuteye.

Overcoming Poor Habits:

If you or someone you know has trouble changing their negative behavior, is using unhealthy coping mechanisms, or even struggling with addiction, hypnotherapy can work to  replace your bad habits with newly formed positive habits. 

Will Hypnotherapy Really Work
for Me?

Like any other effort for self-improvement, hypnotherapy requires you to challenge yourself. Hypnotherapy does work, but you’ll have to approach this process with an open mind and be willing to unravel the deep roots of your struggles and habits. As long as you invest the right amount of time and effort, you’ll be able to use our high-quality self-hypnosis programs and live sessions to create a life you love living.

If you’re worried that you won’t have time to fit a program into your daily schedule, know that you can fit hypnotherapy into your life in whatever way is most convenient for you. It works around your commitments and will never stand in your way. And if discretion is a concern, we can assure you that hypnotherapy is designed to be a private, personalized process to maximize your success. You’ll find that hypnotherapy creates a ripple effect in your life – not only does it help solve the struggles you originally wanted to tackle, but its benefits will extend to many other areas of your life as well.

It’s important to note that for certain conditions—like anxiety, depression, addictions, and pain relief—hypnotherapy works best as a complement to traditional therapies. You should not replace your work with medical professionals. Using our methods in combination with your doctor’s efforts is meant to improve and speed up progress—and make it stick.

What Makes Us Different?

Hypnotherapy is highly unique to the individual. It can be done through self-hypnosis programs, but the best opportunity lies through working with a certified hypnotherapist. Our founder, Joel Thielke, began his career as an actor. He knows just how to speak to people to really instill a message, take on different personas, and convey deep feelings. Joel is also a trained yoga instructor and believes in helping the mind and body connect for optimal health.

Motivational Hypnotherapy offers the benefits and flexibility of downloadable programs like many other providers, but you can also connect with Joel directly through our online hypnotherapy sessions. He’s a real person, with fifteen years of experience working with actors, athletes, and anyone else struggling to overcome a challenge. Since then, he has been able to take all his various experiences and infuse them into the development of these programs. Our unique scripts are written in-house with thorough research, 

years of experience with every kind of client, and extreme care.

Joel leads people to become co-creators in their own lives. He himself suffers from ADD and wants to help people find lasting positive results for their own impediments.

Thousands of clients have benefitted from his years of running a successful private practice. Among other attributes, he is lauded for his professional listening skills, soothing voice, and for helping others thrive in the same way he was able to help himself. He takes his work personally and is genuinely concerned for the welfare of others.

Motivational Hypnotherapy was one of the first in the app field. Today, we continue to deliver the wonders of hypnotherapy to virtual screens. With us, you get a more personal touch that makes all the difference. Give it a try and see for yourself what we’re talking about.