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Joel Thielke is now available to meet with clients either virtually via Thera-LINK, or directly out of his Seattle office location. Depending on individual’s specific needs and location, they may find that a combination of these session styles is best suited for them. Virtual hypnotherapy sessions can be a wonderful adjunct to in-office visits; however Joel highly recommends an in-office consultation for all new clients. This is to establish a strong foundation for moving forward with exceeding any and all of your expectations, questions, or concerns regarding hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

In Person

The office of Motivational Hypnotherapy is located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. For more information on how to schedule an In Person session, please visit:


The virtual therapy world surrounding hypnotherapy is growing in popularity. Many people who may not have had access to top-notch hypnotists are now able to work with highly trained professionals. And Thera-LINK makes that available to individuals right in their living room.

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