7 Days of Stress Relief – Guided Meditation

7 Days of Stress Relief – Guided Meditation


This 7 day program from Aubree Bowen and Joel Thielke helps you release stress and anxiety by focusing on the root causes of common stress symptoms. Each daily meditation provides tools and strategies to release from the negative effects of daily stress and anxiety, and will help you remain clear, focused, and relaxed.


Does it feel like the world is constantly trying to stress you out? Now more than ever we’re more accessible, stretched thin, and anxious than we’ve ever been as a society.

We can help. Introducing our new guided meditation series from Aubree Bowen. In this 7 day series, Identify triggers that cause stress and anxiety and have them disappear leaving you happier and feeling more at ease. Each day will be a new focus with a new set of valuable tools you will learn to conquer stress and get back to calm.

Each meditation is 10-12 minutes and designed to fit into any schedule. We recommend listening in the morning, but feel free to listen whenever is best for you.

Day 1 – Getting Present

Day 2 – Finding Balance

Day 3 – Quieting the Worry

Day 4 – The Art of Saying No

Day 5 – Self Care Focus

Day 6 – Easing Strong Emotions

Day 7 -Visualize Calm