Attitude of Gratitude – Affirmations

Attitude of Gratitude – Affirmations


Create an attitude of gratitude. These affirmations from Aubree Bowen are highly effective and a wonderful way to help you create a positive, grateful attitude. Relish all that you have in life and feel happier, more fulfilled, and more positive.


Gratitude is proven to be beneficial in many ways. In fact, practicing gratitude may be one of the most overlooked tools for increasing happiness. Research shows that being grateful improves physical and psychological health, improves relationships, and increases confidence and joy.

Affirmations are a powerful way to change your mindset and energize you. Affirmations are positive statements that inspire, motivate, and attract the things we want. Train your brain to practice daily gratitude and see where it leads you.

These powerful, positive affirmations are approximately 20-30 minutes, with four different nature sound backgrounds to choose from to create a unique listening experience. Listen to as many as you’d like, whenever you’d like. We recommend listening to at least one version once a day for 21 days in a row.

Program perks may include:

– A more positive and happier outlook on life.

– Improved relationships with others.

– Less stress and anxiety.

– More empathy and less frustration.

Experience the life-changing power of gratitude with this instant download.