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About Joel

Joel Thielke

Meet Joel Thielke

A soothing voice, loving personality, passion for hypnosis, and genuine concern for other people’s welfare.
These are some attributes that Joel is consistently commended for by his clients and the people he
interacts with.

Joel possesses a unique cultural orientation, garnered over his 20+ years running his private practice.
Throughout the period, he has provided hypnotherapy and self-improvement guidance to millions of clients
across the globe, through one-on-one sessions, online, and through his Audio programs.

A qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Yoga Instructor, certified by the National Guild of
Hypnotists, and the National Federation of Hypnotists, Joel finds it rewarding to provide non-judgmental,
empathetic, challenging, and insightful support as he walks with his clients through various challenges they
face. Joel and his staff at Motivational Hypnotherapy have worked with thousands of clients. We understand that individuals’ life experiences, whether positive or negative, are the building blocks of who we are today. Joel has accordingly built a reputation for utilizing various tools and techniques that help clients
think positively, lose weight, and realize positive life changes that they have previously thought impossible.

Notably, Joel has personally recorded and produced high-quality, fun, easily downloadable self-hypnosis and
meditation MP3 audio tracks, over 6 million audio programs downloaded to date. His
approach, tools, and products are tailored to various individual needs and help individuals
make lasting changes that they wish for, naturally, safely, quickly, and efficiently.

At the beginning of his career, Joel started in the entertainment industry. However, in 2005,
after thorough consideration, he left his healthy paying job and made a career leap to the Hypnotism space.
Here, he felt his passion and his strong belief in healthy living and the importance of keeping a strong
body and mind would be more utilized. And ever since, there has been no turning back!

This passion, coupled with his excellent listening skills, soothing voice, and commitment to reflective therapy, has helped him thrive. He places significant emphasis on positive and healthy
living programs, helping his clients, both children, and adults, to break bad habits, gain confidence, open the
doors of their subconscious minds and tap into their power to transform.

His successes are, further, founded on a combination of unwavering persistence, hard work, enthusiasm,
continuous improvement and learning, passion for effecting positive change in people’s lives, along with
surrounding himself with a positive and creative team that complements his abilities.


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