Stop Being Bullied – The Sleep Learning System

Stop Being Bullied – The Sleep Learning System


Stop letting yourself be pushed around; step up, be confident, and own your power with this guided meditation program from The Sleep Learning System and certified hypnotherapist Joel Thielke.


Do you find yourself constantly being pushed around by others? It’s time you stand up for yourself and stop being bullied. Find your courage deep within and bring it out.

During your REM cycle, you’ll train your brain to remove negative self-beliefs. Removing these negative self-beliefs and thoughts makes it easier for you to own your power. 

Program perks may include:

  • Increased confidence.
  • Removal of self-doubt.
  • Standing up for yourself.
  • Developing a positive mindset.

Don’t let yourself or others get in your way. Learn how to stop being bullied with this instant download.