Stop Obsessing – The Sleep Learning System

Stop Obsessing – The Sleep Learning System


Quiet the buzz of the day and stop obsessive thinking. Relax and clear your mind with this guided meditation and relaxation program from certified hypnotherapist, Joel Thielke.


Do you find yourself often overthinking? Is your mind racing as you lay down in bed? Obsessive thinking can make it difficult to focus on what is important and what truly needs your attention.

During your REM cycle, you’ll train your brain to remain clear and calm. It’ll be easier for you to organize your thoughts and let go of the unnecessary. 

Program perks may include:

  • Increased focus.
  • Learning to let go.
  • Feeling calm and relaxed.
  • Easier to organize your thoughts.

Don’t let your thoughts get in the way. Learn how to stop obsessing with this instant download.