Our Philosophy - Starting a yoga practice shouldn't be intimidating, regardless of the reason you’re wanting to start. If you want to further your understanding of the mind and body connection, lose weight, develop physical strength, reduce stress, improve your sleep patterns, ease pain in the body, or simply cultivate an attitude of gratitude.. yoga can be of service to you! We seek to inspire and empower those who prefer to start or continue their yoga practice in the comfort and convenience of their home.


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Beginners Guide To Yoga BUNDLE - 4 Classes
FEATURING Yoga Teacher, Yogi - Jaime Schmitz

Meet Jaime as you step inside her private studio. Jaime is a practicing Yogi and has a passion for teaching beginners. In all of the classes in this bundle she will focus on beginner-friendly poses and flows, and connection to breath.. all while encouraging authentic movement.

In this bundle you will receive 4 video programs: 30 minute Ashtanga Flow, 60 minute Ashtanga Flow, and two Posture Clinics - Warrior 2 & Extended Side Angle. Each program is designed as a class, with a yoga studio setting.

What are you waiting for? Start a yoga practice today! In the comfort of your home.



You can stream the 30 & 60 minute programs for FREE!

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