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The Change Is Happening

The change is happening. Are you ready? Here is a thought that will help you embrace change and alter your mindset about adopting change. Change isn’t necessarily welcome but instead just a fact of life. Do you want to know what’s ironic about change? What you resist will persist. We recognize change will happen or […]

NLP Technique to Keep Your Cool

This blog post is about how to stay cool in highly charged, stressful situations, whether it’s with family, lover, or at your job. This video and the techniques in it will change your life.  Why are there certain people or situations that trigger us or cause us to blow a gasket? It’s usually from something […]

Key Tips To Create A Bullet Proof Meditation Practice

Welcome to tips and practices and about getting started in meditation. For those of you who are going to practice regular meditation sessions, the environment will play an important role. The area around us has a definite effect on our mind, body, and spirit. A meditation space that exudes tranquility and simplicity, and beauty in […]

fear of future

Why People Have Fear of the Future

We have all experienced the fear of the future. Whether it’s a presentation next week at work or fear of losing your job or a relationship, the list can go on and on. When there is a fear of the future, the human mind cannot distinguish between real or perceived danger. As a result, our […]