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The Change Is Happening

The change is happening. Are you ready? Here is a thought that will help you embrace change and alter your mindset about adopting change. Change isn’t necessarily welcome but instead just a fact of life. Do you want to know what’s ironic about change? What you resist will persist. We recognize change will happen or should, but consciously and unconsciously, resist change will happen. What’s important to know is you can change your situation to make it work for you. 

Why wait for a catastrophic decline in your business, or neglect your finances until it’s too late. You can get ahead of it and change work for you. my father used to say to me,

The only thing you can be sure of is that things always change. It’s what you do with those changes that count.

My dad had practical wisdom. I find that everything has its positive and negative circumstances.

Change is no different; it’s how you deal with it that matters. Change can be much simpler with a roadmap. Sorry, some of you might not remember the old maps that you would keep in the glove box of your car to give you directions to wherever your next destination is. It’s like GPS or your phone with an app. But with a road map, you could see the route so much more clearly. 

You could take your map and spread it out on a table; you could see a whole country on that map. You could draw a line between point A and point B and see how many miles and the different highways you would be traveling. You could map out the stops you wanted to make along the way. Imagine you were traveling and couldn’t find your way because the road sign was missing. How frustrating would it be?

Life is like that trip you are taking. Sometimes there are unforeseen turns that take you off your path. What if you could embrace that “Wrong turn” and curiously explore what’s down that road? You might not be able to choose every detour in life, but you can choose the mindset you will have in the face of change. Go ahead and map out your destination. If there is a detour, you’re prepared for it and can pivot with ease if necessary. What if you embraced the change? Who knows, that turn you took a couple of miles back could lead somewhere amazing.

Imagine a calm lake surrounded by a magnificent forest or maybe the world’s largest”Rubber Band Ball,” who knows what’s around the next bend in the road. You could discover a life-changing moment that you may not have noticed if you didn’t by chance go down that road. With a map, you know how to get back on the highway, possibly with a whole or new perspective that you never envisioned. 

Embrace the change, get ahead of it, so you can pivot and make the change that works for you.

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