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Motivational Memo: Own your power

Do you want to be powerful and effective? Here is an answer. Own your power and stop giving it away. Every time you say something nasty about yourself or anyone else, you disempower yourself and give your power away. Your power lies in your forgiveness of yourself and others. Be responsible for the power you […]

Why Do We Procrastinate?

Why Do We Procrastinate? How Do We Overcome Procrastination?

Do you ever feel like just not being able to get it together? A usual action or the lack thereof that you always equate with being lazy or having poor time-management skills?  Too often, we struggle with this, and it is common in procrastination. Whether in studies, work setting, or completing critical daily tasks, it […]

Key Tips To Create A Bullet Proof Meditation Practice

Welcome to tips and practices and about getting started in meditation. For those of you who are going to practice regular meditation sessions, the environment will play an important role. The area around us has a definite effect on our mind, body, and spirit. A meditation space that exudes tranquility and simplicity, and beauty in […]

Memory Mind Hacks

Today we’re going to go over some brain hacks for memory. I don’t know about you, but I always forget stuff. People’s names, where I put my keys, what I did last Tuesday of last week. Our memory is vital in helping us navigate our daily lives and effectively sleep. This might seem like an […]

Key Strategies for Working from Home

Working with clients throughout the years, I’ve helped many people learn how to effectively work from home. I’ve had a home office for years so I understand a lot of the pitfalls that people go through. Whether you have lost your job and are starting a new business or your office has been closed, here […]