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Why Do We Procrastinate?

Why Do We Procrastinate? How Do We Overcome Procrastination?

Do you ever feel like just not being able to get it together? A usual action or the lack thereof that you always equate with being lazy or having poor time-management skills?

 Too often, we struggle with this, and it is common in procrastination. Whether in studies, work setting, or completing critical daily tasks, it can be present. It has been a familiar issue. It is like a disease.

Why Do We Procrastinate?

But is it?

Procrastination is when we delay or put off tasks up to the last minute or, worse, past the deadline.

Procrastination comes in ways that negatively affect our daily lives and produce shame or guilt towards us. When this starts to hurt us, it becomes a cycle – we lose the energy required to do vital labor, eventually minimizing our ability to withstand such tasks.

When we put off things that are really in our best interest to complete, and we do it habitually, then it is more than just a bad habit or a lifestyle issue. One common reason we procrastinate is the fear of failure. We interpret failure as something inherently wrong with us.

Procrastination has also been linked with perfectionism and self-doubt – a more significant, unresolved problem on emotion regulation.

Thankfully, many have been open with this and are starting to seek counseling explicitly to work on procrastination.

But, again, it is where proper assessment comes in handy. Procrastination takes deeper questioning until finally uncovering its root cause.

In hypnosis, clients start to learn strategies that are more effective than avoidance. One therapeutic technique is online hypnotherapy.

When hypnotized, the critical conscious part of the mind shuts off. This can be achieved through relaxation, and in this state of peace, the subconscious mind will be activated. It becomes more receptive to information, and the information we feed it sticks.

This is where the reprogramming starts. First, new information will be added that counters the negativity brought along with procrastination, whether fear of failure, perfectionism, or self-doubt. This process gradually clears the cloud living in the unconscious.

Hypnosis offers a solution. But it cannot be solved overnight or with one session, but if done correctly, you will be back in the driver’s seat where you take control, block the negativity and develop the best strategies for getting things done in a timely, efficient, and stress-free way.

Long-term results include cutting significant goals to manageable tasks, sharpening focus and concentration, visualizing the completed goal; increasing feelings of confidence, and forming healthy, well-timed work habits.

You can do all the time-management skills in the world, but if you have not addressed the underlying patterns and beliefs fueling why you are procrastinating, one will continue to settle with avoidance. offers a solution to “serial procrastinators” with the Stop Procrastination, Get Motivated – Hypnosis program that can help you immensely.


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