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Memory Mind Hacks

Today we’re going to go over some brain hacks for memory. I don’t know about you, but I always forget stuff. People’s names, where I put my keys, what I did last Tuesday of last week. Our memory is vital in helping us navigate our daily lives and effectively sleep. This might seem like an obvious one, but a lot of people struggle with it. Getting enough sleep is vital because sleep is where the brain consolidates short and long-term memory. Without enough sleep, our memories do not work properly. Your mind is just like the rest of your body. You need to give it rest and keep it healthy. Sleep deprivation can ruin any mental progress you’ve developed and it will make you more sluggish in all different areas.

So if you’re having trouble sleeping, these are simple but effective ideas. Try a warm bath before bed, or some hot herbal tea to relax you. A big thing is to try and give yourself a break before bed when it comes to screen time, whether it’s your computer, phone, or whatever. Just let the mind start to relax down. Pick up a book instead. It’s good. You can also use meditation, and relaxing breathing techniques. I like to listen to Sleep Sounds like rain or beach waves when I fall asleep. I’ll listen to another hypnotherapist sometimes. Cadence of the voice is really important in how your mind slows down and starts to sleep.

Here’s a memory technique called active rehearsal. It’s one of my favorites. So you spend 30 seconds to maybe a minute and really think about and go over an event that’s just happened, like a movie you just saw or a conversation you just had. You’re basically rehearsing the event. Make it fun. Try and remember the details, the nuances, as many as possible. It’s a fun little exercise and it will train your brain to remember details. Long-term, it’s not only great for the memory and for the brain, but people love it. When you remember details about the conversation that you had with someone, it’s a great social skill. People want to feel important. And when you remember things about them, they remember you. 

Here’s another memory hack: clean your environment. Clutter affects more than just your home. You know that feeling right after you clean your office or your house…don’t you just feel like you can think more clearly? That’s because clarity is power. If you find yourself stressed out, in a brain fog, maybe forgetting where things are, just start to clean. It’ll make it easier to find things and you can eliminate that forgetfulness. And it will absolutely clear your mind. 

Here’s a bonus tip about getting rid of clutter. It leans a little more towards the romance department. Guys:  this is not a bad way to impress somebody that you might be going on a date with – clean your car. People will judge you by the way you keep it. They’ll think, This is probably the way he keeps his life. Your room is a reflection of you. If you throw everything in the closet when somebody is coming over, that’s probably not the way to do it.  the organization will make you feel better. It’ll give you a leg up over the other guys. 

Give your brain regular exercise. That’s right. It’s essential for your body, and it’s just as crucial for your brain. Keep the mind active with logic, puzzles, and mind games. They’re great for keeping your memory sharp. 

Good brain activities will teach you something new and challenge you. Brain teasers in puzzles are great for strengthening your brain and your memory. And remember, once you’ve adjusted to a certain level of difficulty in your brain exercises, you’ll have to push even harder for different levels. Otherwise, you’re no longer stretching and expanding your brain’s power. You can find endless amounts of brain puzzles and tools for free online, or you can try learning a new language or studying up on a topic that you didn’t know about. And if you really, really want to press your brain, check out pneumonics; that’ll take you to a whole different level.