Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation


Stop smoking naturally and learn how to stop your nicotine cravings in their tracks with this soothing program from the world-renowned Sleep Learning System, narrated by best selling hypnotherapist, Rachael Meddows.


Are you ready to stop smoking today? It can be hard to stop smoking, but you hold power to do so. Gain control over your cigarette cravings and kick your habit.

During your REM cycle, you’ll train your brain to remove the triggers that cause you to want to smoke. You’ll learn techniques that will help you to overcome them and create healthier habits.

Program perks may include:

  • A healthier you.
  • Breathing easier.
  • Developing healthier habits.
  • Gaining control over your cigarette cravings.

You hold the power to overcome and stop your cravings. Stop smoking today and control your cigarette cravings with this instant download.