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Dismantling the Stereotypes about Money and Relationship

Let me tell you a story. This is about my client. Her name is Riley, and her recent turmoil with her husband.

Three months ago, Riley was going through mental and emotional turmoil due to the instability of her business. The problems with her company have created a dent in the relationship she has with her spouse. Rick, her husband, is a real estate agent, and the pandemic took its toll on his income excessively. The financial instability started the constant arguments and disagreements. Which pushed Riley to the edge and eventually made her file for divorce. Rick and Riley have been married for almost eleven years.

Their financial issues only show that business problems and other money-related matters have been among the top sources of distress for many couples.

The majority of fights arise from disagreements between partners over financial or budget management issues. Sometimes arguments materialize from the insecurities about income differences or from varying opinions about financial management. Economic problems do affect not only the relationship but also compromise our mental and physical health. Therefore, it is with due importance that we debunk certain beliefs about money and learn how to effectively deal with it.

The conventional ideas that revolve around money are the results of generational misinformation and traditional norms. We grew up in a society where conformity is highly encouraged, from our parents, down to the community we belong to. Nevertheless, these misconceptions can be unlearned and be used in a different manner where it can be of benefit to us, and that is through hypnosis.

It is significant to know the extent of your beliefs. In that way, you would see which one is to be unlearned and replace them with new ideas that could lead you to greater heights. The power of hypnosis or guided meditation helps you to get in touch with your subconscious mind. This also allows you to extract whatever hinders you from achieving what you want. Regrouping our thoughts is the first step in changing our perspective about money.

Stressful as it is, but money is a powerful thing that can change things around.

Going back to Riley and Rick’s story. They overcame the stressful financial relationship stage when they finally changed their mindset about money. They both realized that they needed to talk things through, focus on one goal, act upon them to achieve their goals, and have a more peaceful relationship.