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Play Like Lebron James

What do actors, athletes, musicians, all have in common? The flow state.


The flow state is a mental state of “complete absorption” where the person is so focused on what they are doing that everything else seems to disappear. When you’re in it, time flies, and your sense of self vanishes. It’s hard to describe, but I’ll give you an example: have you ever been at work or school, and when someone interrupts your task with a question, it takes about 10 seconds for them to register because your brain was just so deep into thinking about something? 


That’s the flow state. Actors, athletes, and musicians use this technique to be more productive in their craft and as a way of entering into what is called ‘the zone.’ The next time you need to get some major things done fast, put yourself in The Flow State. One of the quickest ways to get into the zone is to slow down and take deep breaths. Then, allow your focus to narrow, so the task at hand is right in front of you. Distractions and noise fade out. 

Get into the zone quickly with these three free short Manifesting Meditations.