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Stop Grazing and Overeating

How many times have you walked past your fridge in the past six months and grabbed a snack without thinking? Or even when you’re not really hungry, maybe you grab some chips or a granola bar or a cookie. 

Whether you’re running around all day or stuck at home, many of us have traded our traditional “three meals a day” for nibbling and snacking throughout the day. This is what nutritionists and health experts call “grazing”. And while it might seem like a good solution when you can’t find the time or energy for a large meal, there are some pitfalls with the grazing mentality. Hypnosis can help with this, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

A few little snacks throughout the day might not seem like a big deal on their own. But they can add up over the course of weeks, months and even years — affecting both your weight and your relationship with food. Basically, the more times a day you eat, the more easy it becomes to potentially overeat.

So how can you snack and not expand your waistline?

First, we recommend using weight loss affirmations or a weight loss hypnosis program if you find that grazing is leading to weight gain. Hypnosis is great for helping you redefine your relationship to food. But here are some other tips to consider.

Pick a time to snack that works for you.

Everyone’s different. Your ideal snack time depends on your daily routine, so think about the time of day when you’re most likely to get hungry between meals and could use a break. It doesn’t have to be a precise time but pick a small window.

Snack healthy.

If you know your go-to snacks have been junk food or carb-heavy, recognize that maybe you shouldn’t keep those foods in your house. Or what we like to do is put them in a hard to reach place. If you have to get a step stool out to reach the cookies, you’re way more likely to reconsider that decision and reach for something closer and healthier instead.

Enjoy your snack time.

When you snack, especially if you’re indulging a craving, let yourself have that time to actually enjoy your food. No distractions, no work, no talking on the phone while eating. It’s just you and your treat to yourself. Find the pleasure in the texture and flavor and take time to enjoy the fact that you’re treating yourself and nourishing your body.

There’s nothing wrong with grazing, as long as you hold yourself accountable and make sure you’re getting plenty of nutrients. Don’t be afraid to start your day with some affirmations or a solid hypnosis session to help keep those cravings in check.